How my vegan gelato love story began when I went dairy-free

La storia della mia vita (the story of my life)

You know, plant-based gelato is not just for vegans! It is also for the rest of us sweet-toothed foodies. When I quit milk, I wanted a full flavour, creamy, non-dairy ice cream. So I made my own, with gluten-free oat milk instead of cow’s milk.

Now my accidentally vegan gelato means no one misses out.

Fabio the owner of Chill Gelato

What is Chill gelato?

Why, the best dairy-free gelato in London, of course!

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Fabio with Chill Gelato at London event

Who makes Chill gelato?

Me! I am Fabio Pomaro, and Chill gelato is my baby. A Britalian through and through, I was born in London to Italian parents and grew up surrounded by family (and beautiful food). If you heard me speak, you would know I sound as Italian as pie and mash! But I am fully fluent in Italian and love any excuse to visit my family in Sardinia. Being Italian means being passionate and caring about the people around you. Add that to a love of great food, and you get the recipe for my unique ice cream company.

Chill Gelato sorbet lemon flavour

How did you get started in ice cream?

My dad had his first restaurant in the 60s, that’s how he met my mum! Then my uncle and cousins showed me the ropes at Virtu Desserts, and I got to know our customers along Putney Embankment and at Portobello market. I would hear what my customers wanted and rush back to the kitchen full of ideas!

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Why is it called Chill?

Well, I know from experience that finding great dairy-free treats for yourself or your family can be stressful. It often feels like you have to miss out or compromise. But not with me 😀. So Chill is about relaxing and knowing you can enjoy the best of the summer with the perfect chilled treat: gelato!

Why isn’t all gelato vegan?

Exactly! There is no reason plant-based can’t taste as good or better than dairy. ‘Vegan option available’ on menus isn’t good enough anymore, and the best restaurants think vegan-first, not as an afterthought or compromise.

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Gelato vs. ice cream: what is the difference?

The difference is in the fat content and how you make it. Gelato usually has less air, sugar and fat and (as if by magic) tastes richer and denser than ice cream. I make my gelato by hand the traditional Italian way: with the same tools and pasteurisation process as dairy gelato. And I use gluten-free oat milk to give Chill gelato an even creamier texture.

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Chill Gelato mango flavour sorbet

Does gelato taste better in Italy?

Everything is better in the sunshine! I grew up with the best of both worlds and spent many happy summers in Sardinia with my mum’s family. Now they agree my gelato is as good as anything they have had back home.

Where can I buy Chill gelato?

Well, you can enjoy Chill gelato in restaurants across London, at Summer garden parties, corporate events in the city and foodie festivals. Or you can hire me for your special occasion! I love it when someone asks me to develop a bespoke flavour exclusively for their special event.

Can I order pots for home delivery?

I am busy whipping up big tubs of my gelato for restaurants and events, so individual pots are paused for now! Join the Chill Club for news, pop-ups and competitions.

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Three plant-based gelato scoops