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Want to grow your dessert sales and profit? Upgrade to vegan gelato

Originally only sold in top vegan restaurants in London, Chill plant-based gelato wholesale tubs can now be delivered all over the UK. My personal and friendly service will help you choose the flavours you need for your business!

Chill is freshly hand-made in the gelato kitchen in South London. It is naturally rich and creamy without any dairy, but it is also vegan and gluten-free! If you are in Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham, Cornwall or anywhere in between - no one has to miss out on the best plant-based gelato in London.


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99 cool reasons why you need plant-based gelato in your business

1. Ice cream is still the best-selling dessert in the UK.

A staple on children’s menus and a classic serve with a brownie, crumble, affogato or sundae. Gelato is oh-so-versatile and the perfect flavour carrier - check out this flavour range!

2. Italian cuisine is the most popular in the world.

From pizza to pasta, lasagna to gelato, Italy has created the best comfort foods in the world. Can your customers resist an Italian delicacy?

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3. Vegan and flexitarian numbers are growing.

Did you know there are now more vegan restaurants than vegetarian restaurants in London? Whether for ethical or health reasons, plant-based food is growing in popularity and quality vegan food is expected on any menu. Chill gelato uses gluten-free oat milk for creaminess and exceptional flavour. It is more accidentally vegan and intentionally delicious - so no one misses out.

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4. Your freezer space is limited.

And everything in there needs to earn its place! If your ice cream range was completely vegan, you could cut down on extra SKUs and reduce the risk of cross-contamination.

5. Catering for allergens has never mattered more.

More people than ever identify as having an allergy or intolerance, so you need to cater for dietary preferences. Chill is free from eggs, milk and sesame. Chill nut flavours are marked (N), and gluten-free flavours are marked (GF). If you want to be more inclusive and make your desserts more accessible for people with allergies, try a plant-based product with no compromise on flavour.

6. Plant-based food is perceived as healthier.

Gelato is naturally lower in fat and sugar than typical ice cream. Gelato and fresh fruit sorbet feel more virtuous but still like a premium treat.

7. People pay more for premium.

Chill is an artisan small-batch gelato. It is made with love, by hand, in the UK, with quality ingredients and an unbelievably creamy mouthfeel. Sales support materials are available to help you train your team, get your menu descriptors right, and advertise in your outlet and on socials.

8. Premium products without the premium price tag.

Chill’s fair pricing provides excellent profit margins for wholesale customers, making it an affordable treat for you and your guests. Get in touch to find out more.

99. Do you want a flake in that?

Chill gelato is about having fun and feeling like a kid again. Who wants to make their customers smile?!

Chill Gelato at Backyard Cinema
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If your perfect flavour is missing, let me know! I have a lot of recipes from previous seasons as well as my bespoke flavour service. No one is missing out!


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